E-commerce overview

A major change in the global business environment is the increased importance of the internet. The internet is now a part of most modern businesses. The low cost of access has caused many businesses to view the internet as the modern marketplace.

Traditional vs. Online Marketing

If you decide to use an Online marketing strategy there are differences with traditional style advertising. You should decide first how to mix your online and traditional marketing strategies, whether you will use an entirely online advertising strategy or to use both traditional and online marketing. Many components are the same, for example product brochures carry much of the same information about your products as a website.

Study behaviors of online customers

Once you have decided to develop your business online, you should then learn how consumers behave on the Internet.

Develop an e-marketing plan

A e-marketing plan is very similar to a traditional marketing plan and requires many of the same elements. The following provides some advice on developing an e-marketing plan.

Designing and develop the website for your business

It is of outmost importance that your website should have an attractive presentation. Consumers will judge your business from your website, it should be professional looking and reflect the intended image of your business.

Options for connecting to the Internet and web hosting

An Internet Service Provider (ISP) can provide your business with web hosting and Internet access. Selecting an ISP depends the cost, the amount of visitors you expect to your website, and how much your business plan includes online communication.

Maintaining your web content and technology

While your website should initially attract visitors, if you want to retain those visitors you’ll need to regularly update your content. On-going, regular updates to a website is how you retain interest in visitors—keeping them aware and interested in your business.

Internet Advertising

There are numerous options for advertising online. Banners, or small, colorful links to your website, can be hosted on larger, established websites or portals. In Vietnam VDC, FPT, NetNam or Internet news site such as VietnamNet, VNExpress, 24h.com or NgoiSao.net can all be approached for renting space on their websites for hosting your company banner.

Email Marketing

Email has become one of the most commonly used forms of business communication. Email marketing has the benefits of low cost; however, because so many businesses take advantage of the low costs, you should be careful and only use email advertising strategically and only after a consumer gives you permission to use their email address.

Example of successful e-marketing

Duy Linh Mobile is a branch of Duy Linh Trading Co. Ltd that focuses on distributing mobile phone products. Duy Linh provide customers with a wide range of mobile phone models from the well-known manufacturers such as Nokia, Samsung, Siemens, Motorola, LG Mobile, Philips, Sony Ericsson, and Panasonic. Duy Linh Mobile’s goal is to provide customers with high quality products, competitive prices and the best after-sales services in their sector.