To regulate the activities involving price evaluation
What is it Certificate
Who should apply 682 
Where to apply
Validity of the License and application fee

Fees: The State-level Council for Examinations shall stipulate the fees for each exam and shall announce the fees for any one period.

Duration: Unspecified

Application conditions and documents

Eligibility of Applicants:

  1. Must have a clear history, have good professional ethical standards, be incorruptible, is not in the disciplinary period;
  2. Having an undergraduate degree from a university (in Vietnam or overseas), and is currently working in the industry in which he/she was trained at a State body, political organization, socio-political organization, enterprise or other organization for 3 consecutive years (in respect of the industry of price, price evaluation, accounting, auditing, finance) or 5 years (in respect of other industries);
  3. Having a certificate of specialized training in evaluation of prices issued by a university, college or establishment having the function of providing specialized training in evaluation of prices (persons who have an undergraduate degree from a university in Vietnam or overseas specializing in evaluation of prices shall not be required to have a certificate of specialized training in evaluation of prices);
  4. Must hold a foreign languages certificate at level C and an informatics certificate at level B or higher, which is issued within 2 years until the date of registration for the exams;
  5. Completely submit the required forms and fees as stipulated below;
  6. Achieve the pass mark regulated by the Examination Council.

Application file:

  1. Registration card to sit exams;
  2. Summarized CV (certified by the labor management body or the people's committee of the locality of residence) having photo pasted;
  3. Copies of the degrees and certificates (diploma, foreign language and informatics certificates, certified by the issuing body or the notary public;
  4. Three colored photos 3x4 taken in the last six months, and two stamped envelopes with the address of the recipient;
  5. Copy certificate of results of previous examinations issued by the Examination Council for the case of a person registering to re-sit an exam in a subject in which he/she has not achieved the required mark or to sit an exam in a subject he/she has not yet taken.
The process
  1. Person wishing to sit the examination for getting the price evaluation card must send a registration file to the Examination Council established by the Ministry of Finance at least 30 days prior to the date of examination;
  2. Within 45 days at the latest from the date of completion of a round of entrance exams, the Examination Council must announce the results and notify the candidates.
  3. Candidates achieved a pass mark shall be awarded a certificate of having passed the price evaluator entrance by the chairman of the Examination Council.
  4. With respect to people who are granted a certificate of having passed the price evaluator entrance examination, the General Director of Department of price management shall propose the Minister of Finance issue them with a price evaluator card.
How long it will take to process the application?  45 days
Inspecting authorities Inspection Agencies of the Ministry of Finance and Departments of Finance in provinces.
Non-compliance penalty Penalties range from 5.000.000 VND to 10.000.000 VND. See Article 13 of Government’s Decree No. 169/2004/ND-CP of September 22, 2004 on sanctioning administrative violations in the field of prices.
Legal texts regulating this license
Other useful information
  • A candidate registered to sit exams for a price evaluator card must sit exams in all of the following eight subjects:
  1. Economic laws;
  2. Price base;
  3. Principles and methods of price evaluation;
  4. Real estate evaluation;
  5. Machine, equipments evaluation;
  6. Enterprise’s value evaluation;
  7. Informatics (Level B);
  8. Languages (Level C).
  • Five points or more out of a total of ten in an exam shall be the pass mark;
  • Candidates who achieve a pass mark in all eight subjects and achieve a total score of fifty (50) points or more shall have satisfied the requirements and the Examination Council shall acknowledge that they have succeeded.
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