How can technical information and technology help your business?

The quality characteristics of a product or service depend on advances in technologies that are developed through innovation. For example, 20 years ago you may have been happy watching black-and-white TV, then your expectation was for color-TV, now you demand a TV with perfect, sharp and true images.

Who provides TTI in Vietnam?

Technical and technological information service providers in Vietnam consist of:

TTI & Government organizations

The agencies of government, as well as institutes and information centers are the main sources of TTI in Vietnam.

TTI & University, Research Institutes and Technology Transfer Centers

The main function of the universities and the middle schools is training, the goal of research institutes belonging to campuses is research (including primary research), and the role of technology transfer centers is applying the practical result of experiments, and studying ways to put those results into manufacturing process.

TTI & Private entities, NGOs, Associations, Consultants

Private technical service companies, equipment and machinery manufacturers and traders, consultants and technology transfer companies, and the specific technical and technology associations (belong to Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations - VUSTA) and enterprise representatives and associations such as those on coffee, tea, businesses, and so on can all provide TTI to customers who are interested in technology innovation.

TTI & Programs and Projects

Many programs and projects are good source of TTI. The Sustainable Forestry Program sponsored by the Dutch Government and operated by GTZ and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is an example.

Who provides TTI in Vietnam?

Technical and technological information service providers in Vietnam consist of:

How to benefit most from linkages with research institutions

Linkages from your business to research institutions may be poor because of bad experiences in the past. The collaboration and interaction may face difficulties as follows:

What are the available incentives for improving your business

Private business has been encouraged by the state. There are many incentives, both direct and indirect. Government may promulgate a new policy on land-use rights that would help you reach better conditions in manufacturing and may assist with finance via a loan.

Incentives of implementation of QMS and Trademark

As mentioned in previous Modules, you can access the program of support to apply advanced quality management systems and building trademark for your business.