In order to control and supervise the organization of art performance or fashion shows in front of public audience

What is it License
Who should apply 90 Cultural and sport activities
Where to apply
  • The Ministry of Culture and Information shall grant permits to art troupes of central agencies or foreign art troupes giving performances under cultural cooperation programs between central agencies and foreign countries;
  • Provincial/municipal Culture and Information Services shall grant permits to local art troupes, foreign art troupes and individual performers giving performances in localities not falling into the case stated above, Vietnamese individual performers (other than art troupes) giving performances in localities; fashion shows in localities
Validity of the License and application fee


Application conditions and documents

A dossier of application for a public performance permit shall comprise:

  1. An application for a public performance circulation permit (stating the names of the performance and performance items, authors, directors and performers);
  2. A written commitment not to violate the provisions of Article 4 of Decree 11/2006/ND-CP dated 18/01/2006 by the Government on Promulgating the regulation on public cultural activities and commercial provision of public cultural services when organizing performances
The process
  1. Organizations or individuals wishing to organize art performances or fashion shows must send dossiers of application for public performance permits to competent state agencies;
  2. Within 7 (seven) working days after the date of receipt of valid dossiers, competent state agencies shall have to grant permits; in case of refusal to grant permits, they must reply in writing, stating the reason therefor; where it is necessary to preview the programs before granting permits, the applying organizations or individuals shall have to create conditions for competent state agencies to preview.
How long it will take to process the application? 7 working days
Inspecting authorities
  1. Ministry of Culture and Information
  2. Provincial Department of Culture and Information in provinces
Non-compliance penalty

Penalties range from 500.000 VND to 5.000.000 VND. See Article 31 of Government’s Decree No. 31/2001/ND-CP on sanctioning administrative violations in the culture and information domain.

Legal texts regulating this license
Other useful information
  • Organizations or individuals that make arrangements for Vietnamese art troupes or artists to give performances for internal entertainment purposes or at hotels, restaurants or bars without sale of tickets and for non-commercial purposes shall not have to apply for permits therefor but must ensure that only songs, melodies or plays already permitted for popularization can be performed.
  • Owners of hotels, restaurants or bars that organize performances given by foreign art troupes or artists at their establishments without sale of tickets must make registration thereof with provincial/municipal Culture and Information Services.
  • Past 7 (seven) working days after the date of registration, if provincial/municipal Culture and Information Services give no opinion, registrants shall be allowed to organize performances according to the registered contents. Registration procedures shall be stipulated by the Ministry of Culture and Information.
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