In order to control and supervise the operation of dance hall

What is it License
Who should apply 90 Cultural and sport activities

Since 25 May 2005, by Directive 18/2005/CT-TTg, issuance of new Business License for operating bars, karaoke bars and dancing hall has temporarily ceased.
Where to apply

Provincial Department of Culture and Information

Validity of the License and application fee Unspecified
Application conditions and documents

Eligibility of Applicants:

  1. Having dancing floor with an area of at least 80 m2, and meet the requirements of preventing and fighting fire;
  2. Dancing hall must be at least 200 m far from schools, hospitals, research institute;
  3. The direct manager of the dancing hall have to have at least intermediate degree of culture and arts;
  4. Having suitable equipments that meet the standards of audio;
  5. To ensure that the light in the dancing hall must be more than 10lux, equivalent to a 40W incandescent light per 20m2;
  6. To ensure that the volume of sound leaking out of the dance hall must not exceed the minimum noise limit prescribed by the State.

Application file:

  1. Application for granting permit.
The process
  1. If organizations or individuals that meet all conditions wish to deal in dancing hall business, they must send applications for business permits to the provincial/municipal Culture and Information Services or authorized district agencies;
  2. Within 10 (ten) working days after the date of receipt of applications, provincial/municipal Culture and Information Services or authorized district agencies shall have to grant business permits; in case of refusal to grant permits, they must reply in writing, stating the reason thereof.
How long it will take to process the application? 10 working days
Inspecting authorities
  1. Ministry of Culture and Information
  2. Provincial Department of Culture and Information
Non-compliance penalty

Penalties range from 1.500.000 VND to 10.000.000 VND. See Article 35 of Government’s Decree No. 31/2001/ND-CP on sanctioning administrative violations in the culture and information domain.

Legal texts regulating this license
Other useful information

Agencies or organizations, when organizing dancing for non-commercial purposes within their own agencies or organizations, shall not have to apply for a permit but must observe the provisions of the Regulation on activities and security and order assurance.

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