In order to control the bringing of relics, antiques to foreign countries

What is it License
Who should apply 9102 

Individuals or organizations who wish to bring relics and antiques abroad for display, exhibition, research or preservation

Where to apply


Validity of the License and application fee Unspecified
Application conditions and documents
  1. Application form
  2. The certificate of the ownership of the former owners of the relics, antiques
  3. Dossiers of registration of the relics, antiques
The process
  1. The applicants submit the dossiers to the Ministry of Culture and Information.
  2. Within 30 days after receiving the dossiers, the Ministry of Culture and Information grants the licenses to the applicants, in case of refusal, the M of Culture and Information ave to state clearly the reasons.
How long it will take to process the application? 30 working days
Inspecting authorities

Ministry of Culture and Information

Non-compliance penalty

Penalties range from 5.000.000 VND to 50.000.000 VND. See Article 55 of Government’s Decree No. 31/2001/ND-CP on sanctioning administrative violations in the culture and information domain.

Legal texts regulating this license
Other useful information

Ministry of Culture and Information prescribes about the relics and antiques allowed to bring to the foreign countries

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